What ingredients do you use?

We use only the finest and freshest ingredients available - locally sourced and organic whenever possible. Callebaut chocolate, farm fresh eggs and real butter are what makes our pastries taste so delicious! We even create our own signature homemade baking flour and natural yeast and use Turbinado sun-dried cane sugar in most of our products. Turbinado sugar is minimally processed, high in minerals and has a low glycemic index. Our products do not contain any preservatives or shortening, we use only 100% natural edible food colours and make our own homemade fruit purees.

Do your pastries require refrigeration?

Yes, absolutely. Our products do not contain any preservatives or shortening so they must be refrigerated. Please take PetiteCakes out of the fridge a half hour before eating. If you want to keep your PetiteCake longer than 3 days, feel free to put them in your freezer. Our recipes are especially created so that the pastries won't have freezer burn.

Do you have gluten free options?

Yes, we have a lot! You can order your PetiteCake, Cakes, Cream Tarts and Tarts  gluten free. We also do yummy macarons and marshmallows that are gluten free.

What are the basic ingredients of the Marsh-Moelleux marshmallows?

We use only the finest ingredients and organic when is possible.
Our marshmallows recipe consists of organic fresh egg-whites, caster sugar, organic agave syrup grass-fed bovine gelatine, corn flour, confectioner's sugar, fresh or frozen fruit purees, cocoa ganache and cocoa powder.
Elderflower liquor as well.

Are the Marsh-Moelleux marshmallows suitable for people with allergies?

They are gluten free and they do not contain any of the allergens. (Except for the Oreo Cookie-Nutella, Whiskey Hazelnut and Rocky Road)
Our marshmallows are produced in a kitchen where nuts and gluten are handled.

Are the Marsh-Moelleux marshmallows suitable for vegetarians?

Our marshmallows contain organic fresh egg-white and are unsuitable for vegetarians.

What is the shelf-life of the Marsh-Moelleux marshmallows?

The Marsh-Moelleux marshmallows can be stored for up to 4 weeks.
We recommend that you keep them wrapped in a plastic bag and keeping them in the fridge.

Do you cater for weddings, parties and corporate events?

Yes, we offer a bespoke service for weddings or corporate events.
Please contact us at hello@shebakesbouquets.com

Best before Date and Storage?

To enjoy your product at their best, we recommend that your Marsh-Moelleux marshmallows are eaten as fresh as possible and ideally before 4 weeks.
If you are not consuming them immediately, they should be stored in a cool, dark place at an ambient temperature no greater than 21 degrees Celsius or well wrapped in a plastic bag and placed in the fridge.


Our marshmallows do not contain gluten, dairy nuts as part of their ingredients, they are prepared in a kitchen where other ingredients are handled and stored and so may contain traces of allergens sufficient to cause a reaction.
Some marshmallows contain nuts and gluten like: Oreo Cookie-Nutella, Whiskey-Hazelnut, Rocky road.

Terms & Conditions

She Bakes Bouquets takes great care to ensure the Marsh-Moelleux marshmallows quality and freshness.
When your order has been prepared for dispatch, it is too late to cancel the order. Bespoke orders cannot be refunded or replaced once preparation in underway.

Stocking the Marsh-Moelleux marshmallows?

To stock our products in your shop or cafe, please contact us at hello@shebakesbouquets.com

Turn around time?

Normal timing is 2 day notice. Please stay inform of our capacity to deliver you in that time, sometime we request 4 or 5 days.
During holidays like Christmas, Easter, Mother's day or bespoke orders are 1 to 2 weeks from placing your order.

Do you have gift cards?

It's easy as pie to give the gift of a PetiteCake, Cream Tart, Macarons, Marshmallows or any pastries from our collection.
You can also gift to a loved one an opportunity to take a Decorating Art class!
Just click on the denomination you desire, and our electronic gift card will be sent via email to the recipient.

Payment options

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express.


Our products are delivered personally by a member of our She Bakes Bouquets staff. Delivery costs within Calgary is $12 and up. The delivery fee will be assessed when placing your order. Refer to our delivery map to determine your delivery charge. Deliveries outside the normal delivery area may require an additional fee.

Ordering Policies

All our pastries, cakes and baked goods are available for ordering and delivery within 24 hours. Orders must be received before 3:00pm to be delivered on the next business day. To place an order, please contact us by email: hello@shebakesbouquets.com. To confirm your order we require full payment when the order is placed. No changes to your order such as flavours or finishing details will be accepted once full payment is received.
Normal timing is 2 day notice. Please stay inform of our capacity to deliver you in that time, sometime we request 4 or 5 days.
During holidays like Christmas, Easter, Mother's day or bespoke orders are 1 to 2 weeks from placing your order.

Refunds and Cancellations

If an order is canceled with more than 24 hours notice of delivery date, a refund or store credit will be issued for 50% of the order total. If a pastry shop order is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice of the delivery date, the full cost of the order is non-refundable. The above policy excludes weddings and special occasion orders that have been issued an invoice. Please refer to the  invoice for stated cancellation policy.

If you have a concern or customer service issue, please contact us at hello@shebakesbouquets.com

For Highly Complex Cakes or Custom Luxury Wedding Cakes

A set-up fee may also apply in addition to the delivery fee. This fee will be assessed during the consultation.
If you are outside of our delivery area, we can arrange for you to transport and set up your own cake. This will require additional internal structure and packaging for cake transport resulting in an additional fee. Details can be discussed further at your consultation.